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More than £2 billion trapped in Britain's manufacturing industries

16-10-2012 11:40 by admin

According to a report by Siemens Financial Services, approximately £2.1 billion is 'frozen' in the manufacturing sector. Much of this money is...

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Asset refinancing - more viable for small businesses

16-08-2012 09:44 by admin

According to Craig McNaughton, the area director for Lloyds TSB Commercial, asset refinancing is becoming an increasingly viable option for small businesses in the UK, and in particular engineering re-finance and printing re-finance. Thanks to the stabilisation of...

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Engineering refinance

Engineering Re-finance

How does it work?

Asset re-finance lenders seek to understand the ‘stress’ (forced-sale) value of the subject business assets with a view to lending on a simple ‘asset lend’ basis with the lending specifically secured against those assets.

Therefore a simple, free desktop valuation of business assets can be sufficient to identify the level of re-finance available.

And because the banks rarely take account of the working assets within a business when assessing their security position against existing and additional lending, re-finance has little or no impact on the bank’s risk position and can often be used to reduce unwanted bank exposure especially where overdraft is concerned.

While higher interest rates reflect the perceived risk to the limited number of sector lenders, where the business rationale for borrowing is robust, then pricing will be superseded by the value the cash will bring to achieve the specific business objective.

Delivering cash quickly.

Delivery of funding through asset re-finance can generally be delivered in days rather than weeks or months with funding periods generally up to 5 years but be warned that the (unsupported) guarantees of the business owners or Directors will almost certainly be a prerequisite.

Naturally business owners will always contact their local bank Relationship Manager and other traditional financial partners for support, however these business partners may be increasingly unable or unwilling to support many businesses owners may consider their very own untapped asset wealth to ‘self fund’. 

Which Business Assets can be re-financed?

Metalwork equipment, engineering equipment, component engineering, precision engineering equipment, manufacturing equipment, CNC machines, machine tools, lathes, machining centres, turning centres, milling machines, bar feed, Swarf conveyor...

Manufacturers: Daewoo, Doosan, Nakamura, Kuraki, Star, Citizen, XYZ, Hardinge, Haas, Trumf, Mazak, Hurco, Mori-seiki

To understand how much capital you could raise from your own business assets contact us today.

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We can deliver a free desktop valuation of your tangible business assets which may determine how much cash you can raise for your business.

All we will require is a list of your business assets including:

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Current estimated value

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