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More than £2 billion trapped in Britain's manufacturing industries

16-10-2012 11:40 by admin

According to a report by Siemens Financial Services, approximately £2.1 billion is 'frozen' in the manufacturing sector. Much of this money is...

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Asset refinancing - more viable for small businesses

16-08-2012 09:44 by admin

According to Craig McNaughton, the area director for Lloyds TSB Commercial, asset refinancing is becoming an increasingly viable option for small businesses in the UK, and in particular engineering re-finance and printing re-finance. Thanks to the stabilisation of...

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Car & Van refinance

Cars & Van Re-finance

How does car and van re-finance work?

Lenders in car and van re-finance consider the forced-sale or stress value of a particularly business's assets before proceeding with a lending agreement. This means less exposure for the financial institution because the lending will be secured against the total number of assets owned by the business.

By proceeding with a free, straightforward desktop valuation, the lender is able to identify the level of car and van re-finance that the business can obtain. This type of lending can also minimise the risk position for the bank, reducing undesirable exposure to traditional lending without the security of assets.

Businesses have many reasons to choose car and van asset re-finance over conventional loans. The interest can be more favourable because of the lower risk presented to the lender. The loan can also enable the business to achieve its long term commercial objectives when it would otherwise have failed to secure the funding from traditional modes of lending.

A quicker way to fund businesses - Car and van re-finance

Car and van re-finance is a faster way to inject cash flow into a business; regular bank loans can take weeks or months to deliver funding, whereas asset re-finance funding can arrive in a matter of days. Assurance from the business director or owner is likely to be a prerequisite and will often involve an unsupported guarantee.

Businesses may also be interested in contacting their existing banks for support before considering car and van re-finance. If the owner is responsible for funding their own assets, however, it may be more difficult to receive support from long-standing financial partners.

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