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B2B Asset Re-finance

Did you know your business could be self-financing?
Did you know your business could generate additional cash?

Within the current economic climate many owners of perfectly viable businesses are finding financial support from their bank and other core lenders increasingly difficult to secure.

The capital constraints many of the UK banks find themselves working under, exacerbated by reduced security values, especially in property, has ultimately resulted in restricted appetite for traditional core lending support to business customers while attracting ‘niche’ independent lenders into the business finance sector.

Sweaty Assets

Known as ‘sweating assets’, asset re-finance can be a valuable tool in generating cash against existing property, plant, machinery, equipment and vehicles where alternative core funding is unavailable.

Unlocking this cash (via asset refinancing) can assist with new development projects, growth or investment capital, acquisitions, working capital shortfall, re-structure of existing debt to reduce monthly debt burden, improved cash-flow, and repayment of bank debt.



Many Engineering businesses within the engineering sector rely on significant investment of tangible engineering business assets. While these ‘working’ assets produce core income they are often overlooked in considering their secondary value in generating additional cash for the business.

Re-finance of engineering equipment can unlock cash for growth, or even to help bridge the cashflow shortfall in the current climate.

Engineering Asset Re-finance


Large numbers of printing businesses require substantial investment in their business assets in order to achieve sustainable, long term commercial growth. Although these fixed and tangible assets can provide an excellent means of income, they can also offer a lucrative secondary income with asset re-finance.

Re-finance of printing goods can unlock new income opportunities and can even help to reduce cash flow problems in the challenging economic climate.

Printing Asset Re-finance

Coach & Bus

Businesses operating coaches and buses rely on long term investments to survive in a challenging economy with rising fuel prices. Tangible assets like public vehicles can offer a sizeable income, although they can also generate additional cash flow with their secondary value. 

The re-finance of coach & bus equipment can ease cash flow issues and unlock plenty of opportunities for  income growth.

Coach & Bus Asset Re-finance


Many haulage firms, particularly new enterprises, are dependent on large asset investments to generate profit in an age of record fuel prices. However, while these assets can offer a decent income in the long term, many people often ignore the potential income opportunities from their secondary value.

Haulage equipment re-finance is an excellent opportunity to expand cash flow and help a businesses to boost its commercial success.

Haulage Asset Re-finance

Construction Plant

In recent years, construction plants have been struggling with the rising cost of utilities; now they are eager to find new opportunities to expand their income. Fortunately, these working assets can also provide a sustainable secondary income.

Re-finance of construction plant assets can open up novel opportunities for commercial expansion and solve ongoing cash flow difficulties.

Construction Asset Re-finance

Cars & Van

Businesses that rely on cars and vans need widespread investment in their tangible assets to maximise their incomes. Although these vehicles can provide a general income as 'working' assets, they can also be a valuable secondary income source.

Re-finance of cars & van assets is an excellent opportunity to develop a secondary income and improve a business's cash flow.

Cars & Van Asset Re-finance

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